When storytelling goes wrong

Have you ever told a story that didn’t quite hit the mark? Lost your train of thought halfway through,...
7th February 2020

My first month in Internal Comms – five things I’ve learnt

It’s been a little over a month since I joined AB, and it seems a good moment to pause...
25th March 2019

Workforce warriors

Through our clients, we’re privileged to meet many women working in fields that were traditionally dominated by men. These incredible,...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
8th March 2019

Fantastic females: our top 10

To mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate the multi-talented, award-winning women that continue to inspire us here at AB.
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
8th March 2019

Show and tell

AB’s creative director Joel O’Connor explores how bold, visual storytelling can have real impact If you want to engage...
1st February 2019

Talking about mental health

Account manager Janice Fitzgerald shares her top tips on how to communicate and be an advocate for mental health...
10th October 2018

Commuting: the ultimate battleground of the work-life balance?

The average daily commute in the UK is close to 30 miles – 15miles to work, 15 back. Only...
4th October 2018

Award-winning design duo go head-to-head

We are immensely proud of the talented team here at AB. Now that talent has been recognised by the...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st September 2018

Top ten summer reads for communicators

There is always a pile of books on my bedside table that have been highly recommended by colleagues and...
27th July 2018

Mustering the courage to contribute

After nearly 30 years of working in and writing about internal communications, I’ve finally been persuaded to ‘go public’...
28th June 2018

Raising awareness

Stress in the workplace is all too common, editor Katie Smith looks how some of our clients are making...
16th May 2018

The women who inspire us

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
28th March 2018

Internal resolve

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
25th January 2018

We’re hiring!

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
9th November 2017

Self-portrait… Liam Garrahan

Liam Garrahan
20th April 2016