Internal resolve

As January comes to an end some of our new year resolutions start to dwindle – but here at...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
25th January 2018

A newbie‰’s take on IC

Reporter Lucy Clapham discovers how her background in regional news and PR provides the perfect base for her new...
19th June 2017

Crossing the divide

Is writing just writing? Senior Reporter Oliver Frankham on making the transition from local news to internal communications.
30th May 2017

Are you talking to me?

Common language or lost in translation? Account Manager Duncan Mills discusses the linguistic nuances of global communications.
25th May 2017

27 weeks

Six months on from the birth of his son, John Phillips discusses the impact on both his personal and...
11th May 2017

The power of AB-ness

When recruiting, is personality more or as important than experience?
27th February 2017

The oven gloves are off

For the fourth year in the row, the AB team rose to the challenge in our very own Great...
28th October 2016

Self-portrait… Jess Foley

AB is full of diverse personalities. Self-portrait‰… gives you the chance to get to know the AB team a...
12th October 2016

Decoding the future

Freddie Reynolds meets the founder of a new online publication that explores the world of employee communication, technology and...
19th August 2016

Star of the month – building a culture of givers

Being appreciated by your colleagues is a perfect motivator for us all. Tracy Gallagher explains how AB‰’s culture encourages...
5th June 2016

Self-portrait‰… Liam Garrahan

AB is full of diverse personalities who contribute to the familial feel of the company and the service we...
Liam Garrahan
20th April 2016