Why we invented Acid Test

Too many engagement surveys and communication audits fall short. They rarely result in timely action. Senior leaders are not vested in the process. Performance improvements are hard to find.  

We invented in Acid Test to addresses these challenges head-on.

Leaders are involved from the beginning. The process results in a robust action plan. And the endgame is improved understanding, greater alignment and improved performance.

Why we called it Acid Test

Communication does not equal understanding. You have to test for that. An acid test is conclusive. It identifies the true success or value of something. Our Acid Test audit evaluates knowledge, understanding and alignment – the true ‘acid test’ of great internal communication.

Why alignment matters

When employees try to make sense of their work environment, does it feel like they’re completing a jigsaw puzzle without the lid? All too often the goals and direction of an organisation are not fully understood – even at the highest levels. This leads to duplicated and wasted effort, thwarted change initiatives and a lack of discretionary effort. Whereas greater alignment improves the performance of an organisation exponentially.

Acid Test gave us fresh insight into how well our internal communications were working and enabled us to hear the voices of frontline staff in a very direct and objective way

How Acid Test works

Acid Test is not another tick-box survey. Acid Test is bespoke qualitative research carried out in confidential interviews. Taking part feels rewarding. It tells employees their feedback is valued. We start by interviewing your organisation’s leader, then each member of his or her senior team. Next we interview a sample of middle and line managers, plus those on the frontline. A pattern soon emerges. Gaps in understanding are revealed and the way to build greater knowledge and alignment quickly becomes clear.