A framework for crafting an internal communications strategy

Many internal communicators work in isolation, muddling through the challenges of being strategist, advisor, content manager, part-time designer, channel...
11th April 2024

download Communications Leaders Survey 2022/23

What’s keeping communications leaders up at night? And what do they see as the big opportunities? We surveyed them to find out.

download Acid Test

Download your free guide to Acid Test. It explains more about this unique knowledge audit and includes case studies and client testimonials.

download When two worlds collide

Are we exploiting the benefits of the closer union of internal and external communications? We surveyed the IC community to find out.

download Good thinking Guide No. 1

Make a positive impact from day one in your new job in internal communications. Need some ideas? Our booklet has 22 of them.

Four ways to improve your content with audio

At AB, we believe the potential of audio in internal comms is huge. So, we’ve picked the following examples...
12th March 2024

Using storytelling to become a better internal communicator

Remember the teacher who told you you’d never amount to anything? Or the friend of your aunt who said...
29th February 2024

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A new era for accessibility

In the world of IC, ‘accessible’ can be a bit of a buzzword, taken to mean, ‘Can my reader...
28th January 2021

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The Internal Comms Podcast (un)wrapped 2022

The Internal Comms Podcast (un)wrapped 2022 Across the world, Spotify users have taken to social media to share their...
19th December 2022

The wonderful world of literature – a teaching moment

As a recent graduate in English Literature, much of my understanding of the world around me comes from books....
8th September 2022

Three things IC professionals can learn from the world of content marketing

There are almost as many routes into internal comms as there are IC practitioners. Overall, it’s a good thing...
5th August 2022

Tech savvy – top tips from digital expert Frank Wolf

Now more than ever, technology is at the heart of employee experience. Frank Wolf believes it’s time to take...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
22nd October 2020

If you want to persuade, learn how to listen

When I’m asked to give talks on internal communication, I like to leave the last line to Calvin Coolidge,...
23rd July 2020

Our survey says – insights from the State of the Sector 2020

In Season Three, Episode Two of The Internal Comms Podcast, Katie Macaulay was joined by two new directors at...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
27th February 2020

Joining the dots – State of the Sector

Katie Macaulay breaks down the stats from the State of the Sector report into a simple graphic to illustrate...
27th February 2020