AB Thinks  →  4th April 2024

Get your instant IC boost

AB Thinks

Struggling with too many demands and too little time and resources? AB, the world’s most experienced internal comms agency, has an overnight solution.

Our new creative service gives stretched IC teams an instant boost – an immediate extension of your team for as long as you need it.

For 60 years, we’ve been helping some of the world’s best-known organisations inform and inspire their employees. Our new service gives you immediate access to a dedicated team of talented creatives ready to pounce on your next internal comms challenge!

What is this new creative service in a nutshell?
This service gives you an immediate extension to your team – a dedicated group of creative experts ready to help deliver multimedia content and campaigns.

Use this service to tackle urgent requests, deliver planned campaigns or address a temporary resource gap.

There’s no need to commit long-term. We require an upfront agreement of just three months.

How does this help me?
In our recent conversations with IC teams a common trend has emerged: the struggle to produce high-quality content amid rising demands, tight deadlines and constrained budgets. Even when internal content and design resource is available, these skills are often shared with other functions, making the lead time too long.

We launched this service to give internal comms teams instant relief from this headache.

Our new service gives you a hassle-free way to get immediate access to experienced, talented creatives who understand the complexities and nuances of internal communication.

What can you deliver?
This service covers all your creative internal communication needs. Our team has decades of experience delivering complex IC campaigns, regular digital and printed publications and content for social media channels and intranets. We also help with the planning and measuring of channels and content.

If you would like to see examples of our work, please arrange a call with Abi Terry, AB’s Client Services Director.

How much does it cost?
You decide. Simply let us know the amount you are comfortable spending each month, and we will provide a transparent breakdown of the creative hours you will receive each month.

We know internal comms budgets are often tight, so we have become adept at ensuring clients get the very best value from their investment in our services.

We will track our hours and give you a regular status report. You’re only required to commit for three months initially, after which you can choose to increase, decrease, or discontinue the service.

Why should I choose AB?

  • Unparalleled expertise. AB is the world’s most experienced internal communications agency. Founded in 1964, we have 60 years’ experience in our field. We are trusted by some of the best-known organisations in the world across a wide range of sectors.
  • Creative excellence. Our award-winning creative team specialise in delivering high-quality, on-brand content and campaigns for the most demanding internal audiences.
  • A specialist in tough IC challenges. Our specialism is solving the most complex internal communication challenges. These include connecting with a desk-free frontline workforce, producing multilingual communication, supporting organisational change and helping when the IC function needs a boost or overhaul.
  • Flexibility meets cost-effectiveness. Set your own monthly budget and commit to just three months.

To find out more, contact Abi Terry, our Client Services Director. She will be delighted to send you recent case studies and client testimonials.

How will your team integrate with ours?
Over the years, we have learned how to ensure smooth and efficient integration with a new client team. The keys to effective collaboration include:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Before we start, it is vital we agree who is accountable for what activities and deliverables. We often use the RACI model to ensure everyone involved knows their responsibilities and that of others.
  • Regular status meetings. You tell us how you like to work, and we fit around your working preferences and practices. If your budget allows, we would love to join your regular team meetings to help us get to know you, your business and the wider comms challenges.
  • Open and honest communication. We like direct feedback on our work. We’ll be honest too. If we have any concerns – big or small – about our ability to deliver, we will share these with you immediately.
  • Shared goals. It is essential we understand your overarching ambition for internal communication inside your organisation. Success means never losing sight of your strategic goal.
  • A clear escalation point and regular reviews. Our senior management team plays a hands-on role at AB. Our directors act as an escalation point and conduct regular client reviews. We will encourage you to step back from the day-to-day to reflect on what’s working well and what can be improved.

This sounds interesting, can we chat?
Yes! Please email Abi Terry. She’ll arrange a virtual call to talk about the support you need and answer your questions.

What if I’m interested but not ready to commit?
If we have piqued your interest, take advantage of our free resources.

  • Tune in to The Internal Comms Podcast hosted by our managing director, Katie Macaulay – one of the world’s leading podcasts about internal comms, downloaded more than 350,000 times by IC professionals worldwide.
  • Take our free IC Health Check – a thorough assessment of your internal comms activities based on an in-depth questionnaire. Answer a series of questions and receive a bespoke report straight to your inbox.
  • AB’s monthly newsletter is an essential mix of news updates for internal comms professionals.
  • Sign up for Katie Macaulay’s Friday Update – her short weekly take on news and views from across the world of communication.