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It’s amazing what organisations achieve when everyone pulls together. But often, the bigger picture is hard to see. It’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the lid. Acid Test reveals knowledge gaps inside businesses to build deeper understanding and alignment

Completing the puzzle

All too often the goals and direction of an organisation are not fully understood – even at the highest levels. This leads to duplication and wasted effort, thwarted change initiatives and a lack of discretionary effort. However, when there is alignment around a common cause, performance improves exponentially.

Listen harder, learn more

The questions we ask in Acid Test interviews reveal far more than conventional tick-box surveys. Our researchers delve into what employees really think and feel about their work, the strategic direction of their organisation, obstacles to success and ways to improve performance.

Find the knowledge gaps

We start by interviewing your organisation’s leader, often the CEO, then members of the senior team. Next, we interview a sample of middle and line managers, followed by frontline employees. A pattern soon emerges. Gaps in understanding are revealed.

Make the method a message

Our confidential, qualitative interviews assess more than an employee’s verbal response. We evaluate body language, behaviour and attitude. Acid Test sends a message – you are heard and understood.

Diagnose the problem

Acid Test shows you where understanding is breaking down and why. You find the ‘knowledge gaps’ inside your organisation – where communication is falling short and performance is suffering.

Find the fix

Traditional engagement surveys rarely lead to timely action. Acid Test results provide clear, practical quick wins and longer-term initiatives to deepen understanding and drive performance.

Why acid test

The unique benefits of Acid Test

Identify gaps in understanding

Identify where and why strategic understanding is breaking down. Find knowledge gaps within and between hierarchical levels – senior leaders, middle managers, team leaders and frontline employees. Identify breakdowns in understanding between functions, divisions and territories.

Build better stakeholder relations

Acid Test gives you a privileged peek inside the minds of those running and working for your organisation. Hear senior stakeholders express your organisation’s strategy in their own words. Ask the intelligent, strategic questions. Uncover your leadership’s vision for internal communication.

Create an internal communications plan

Research shows too few internal communication teams have a plan or purpose. Acid Test results in an action plan to drive alignment and organisational performance. This is a plan based on data and hard evidence – not assumption or guesswork.

Elevate the conversation

Acid Test enables you to position internal communications as a strategic enabler of success. You will be having conversations about what really matters – understanding, alignment and performance.


When to do Acid Test

New to role

Use Acid Test when you are new to your role. It is a great way to get a privileged peek into the minds of your new senior stakeholders and audiences. Use insight and feedback from across the hierarchy to build your internal communications strategy.

Major change or transformation

If your organisation is about to embark on a change programme or shift in strategy, now is the time to conduct Acid Test. Assess current levels of understanding, gaps in your communication processes and identify how best to drive behavioural and attitudinal change.

A new CEO

A new CEO o Following the appointment of a new leader or chief executive, use Acid Test to benchmark strategic alignment and identify ways your new leader can foster understanding around a common cause.

The quest for evidence data

Acid Test will give you evidence, insight and data to build your case for how and why communication needs to change. Future planning and decision-making are then based on robust information, not assumptions or tradition.

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“The breadth and depth of AB’s research for channel audit has given us really comprehensive findings and recommendations to work with. Their ideas are well thought out and the themes of the research have provided us with a solid foundation to support our leaders and engage our employees across ACCA.”

Keely Gallagher, Head of Internal Communications, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

“My management team were extremely impressed with your delivery and the standard of work. So thank you again. Personally I just loved working with you all, as a company AB Communications are unique in your passion and purpose. Thank you so much for using your passion to help drive us in the right direction"

Keely Beecroft, Corporate Internal Communications Manager, Veolia