AB Thinks  →  29th November 2023

Best tools for creating IC audio content

Transform your internal communication audio experiments into winning sonic soundscapes with these platforms and AI tools.

*This November we ran a free, live webinar focussing on audio and the important role it can play in your internal comms playbook.

Scroll down to watch a recording of the webinar.

Voice restoration
Bad quality audio is a thorn in the side of any competent content creator. Voice restoration is therefore one of the most useful tools in the audio artist’s arsenal.
Tool: Izotope RX, Adobe Podcast

You can use AI to translate your content into any number of different languages while retaining the speaker’s tone of voice. There are obvious questions about authenticity if the speaker doesn’t actually speak two-dozen languages. The answer? If using it, be transparent with your audience. They’ll likely applaud your inventiveness.
Tool: ElevenLabs

Internal voice notes
Seven billion voice notes are shared on WhatsApp every single day. So, why not use them in internal communications? Create, share – and track – voice notes with colleagues with ease.
Tool: soundbite.ai

Voice cloning
Take a recording of someone talking and get their voice to say anything you like. Ghost writing for the audio ecosystem and a solution for that always busy leader who’s often late to deliver their monthly staff update. At a time of deep fakes, it is ethically questionable. So, if you do use it, be transparent.
Tool: ElevenLabs

Audio to animation
Accessibility is key to great content and even greater engagement. AI will create a short animation to match your voice note, making your message visual as well as auditory.
Tool: Adobe Express

Once upon a time you needed to get intimate with the sound waves of your recording to edit effectively. Now AI helps by allowing you to edit your audio as if editing Word doc. Simply delete the unwanted words or phrases in the transcript and your changes will be seamlessly reflected in the finished recording. It can also take out all the ‘ums’ in a second.
Tool: Descript

Recording booth 
The backseat of a car or cardboard box are both excellent stand-ins for a professional sound both – or try recording under a duvet! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
Tool: See above.

Featuring our resident sound engineer Stu Rolls, senior content manager Freddie Reynolds and AB’s managing director Katie Macaulay, ‘Sound ideas: How to amplify your voice with audio’ offers a deep dive into an effective but often unused way to engage colleagues.