AB Thinks  →  11th May 2017

27 weeks

With the month of May well established, our son, Beynon, is already six months old. Our first child is the biggest gift of all, our greatest achievement and the best thing we have done. Like all things worth anything in this world though, it has been hard work at times and the last six months have heralded a period of massive adjustment.

No matter how many close friends or relatives you watch embark on raising their own children, nothing can prepare you for the actual experience of doing it. The level of responsibility, selflessness needed and lack of control felt, cannot be appreciated until you are living it. Your priorities and agenda are transformed.

Born from this, however, is a love that we did not imagine to be possible, and one of the most wonderful parts is the immediate reciprocation. There is nothing better than walking into Beynon’s room in the morning and receiving one of his beaming smiles, or being the one able to comfort and calm him when he is upset.

My personal outlook has changed post Beynon. The way I interpret and experience control has changed. Ultimately, I feel this is a positive as I am better equipped to see past my own priorities and agenda to better understand the best path for Beynon, my wife and others.

Applying this to a work context, understanding the benefits of looking beyond your own ego is invaluable. When working on collaborative projects, the ability to bend your will, not imposing it blindly, is necessary. Ultimately, being able and open to evaluating your priorities in the context of others will benefit your project team, the product, the client and your business.