AB Thinks  →  19th June 2017

A newbie’s take on IC

AB Thinks

Internal communications is a new field for me, and one I can honestly say I didn’t know too much about before joining AB.

I had heard of the many big names we work with – TfL, Royal Mail, The Post Office and Wolseley Group to list a few – but it didn’t even occur to me that companies such as these produce magazines for their workforce.

Since joining AB I have worked across the titles for all the above-mentioned businesses, and more, and can say it’s been a pleasure to write about such diverse subjects, and talk to people from such varied industries.

My background is in regional press and PR and I’ve found that internal comms provides a nice mix of the two. I’m getting to step back into my reporter’s shoes to interview people, either on the phone or ‰‘on patch‰’ at their place of work, while drawing on my newsdesk skills to help develop stories and how they are presented.

And my PR experience comes in handy when liaising with clients about specific copy requirements and the messages they should be sending. All in all, it’s a winning combination.

As we’re in the business of communication it’s also refreshing to see this being done so well between my new co-workers. I believe a lack of communication can often be the root cause for problems at work, and in life generally.

So I’m pleased to see how readily the AB team talks to one another, especially face to face. Emails – while very important – can be overused in favour of an old fashioned chat.

But there’s plenty of work conversation at AB HQ, at people’s desks, in our meeting rooms or in the kitchen. All I need to work on now is better communication when it comes to tea rounds, after getting mugs muddled in a disastrous first attempt…