AB Thinks  →  6th February 2017

Facing the future

Kirstie Pickering

If the US Presidential inauguration managed to pass you by, where have you been?

Political opinions aside, the grand event was a great opportunity to let advancing technology to do its thing. US news channel CNN shared its gigapixel of the event and the thousands who attended.

Not heard of a gigapixel image? It’s a digital image composed of one billion pixels, 1,000 times the information and quality captured by a one megapixel digital camera. When you think an iPhone 6’s camera has an 8-megapixel camera, it’s easy to see why the quality is so astounding.

CNN’s offering allows users to zoom in on the inauguration attendees. It’s so detailed you can see the colour of the umbrellas as far back as the Washington Monument.

These innovations in technology offer companies new ways to encourage interaction with their events and products, not to mention the opportunities agencies can provide for clients.

Imagine a gigapixel image of a factory floor, so you can zoom in and observe each stage of a product being made? Or an event gigapixel that offers attendees the chance to look back and find themselves after an evening of fun?

Companies should embrace technology, rather than fear it, or risk getting left behind!