AB Thinks  →  23rd December 2016

New year, new me

AB Thinks

With 2017 quickly creeping up on us, we asked ABers what resolutions they’ll be setting themselves in the New Year.

Nathan Flynn, web developer

Switching off the TV and doing more self -study. This will include researching, practising, and keeping up with the latest tech/programming trends.

Kirstie Pickering, reporter

To master calligraphy and do the Great South Run!

Gemma Wilson, deputy editor

I guess it’s time for me to kick start my fitness plan and get myself ready for the summer. With a big holiday planned with the family, I am hoping to get my bod ready for the beach! I’m going to put together a weekly gym plan and see where it takes me…

Abiola Idris, head of finance

Drink less coffee and more water.

Emma Bennett, editor

I’m determined to take better advantage of London‰’s eclectic live music scene. In my 20s I always had a festival or gig on the horizon. But while my love of music hasn’t dimmed, my finger has slipped slightly off the pulse of the live circuit in recent years. I want to right that wrong by making 2017 the year of the gig!

Amy Hegarty, consultant

To give up biting my nails (although I try and fail every year so I’m not getting my hopes up)

Hilary Robertson, reporter

In the words of the great Quincy Jones: “How will you ever know if you’re a piano prodigy if you’ve never touched a piano? All you gotta do is try!” I‰’ll be trying more in 2017.

Nicholas Dawson, reporter

My resolution is to brush up on my Spanish by reading more books and online news. I have friends from Spain I regularly speak to and I’ve used it a couple of times while out reporting, but it’s definitely time for a proper refresh.

Ben Hall, editor

To find new ways of helping clients drive engagement through digital channels, like we have been with some really exciting projects at the end of 2016. And also to arrive at my wedding on time in April.

George Greaves, administrator

Not to set any more resolutions because I always end up breaking them!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017.