AB Thinks  →  2nd August 2018

Behind every agency award stands a visionary client

Each year AB submits its work to the scrutiny of industry peers by entering professional award programmes.

As AB was founded in 1964, that means we have written more than our fair share of award entries. I’m pleased to say, it also means we have won more than our fair share too.

The recent announcement by the Institute of Internal Communication of 13 Awards of Excellence brings our latest tally to more than 60 awards over the past six years alone, which makes AB the UK’s most awarded internal communications agency.

That said, you won’t find a hint of complacency or arrogance about us. We win awards on behalf of our clients – each win is as much a testament to their vision and determination as it is to our creativity and expertise.

This year, our work with Royal Mail, London Underground and Hitachi Rail among others was recognised. In previous years, we have won awards for work with KPMG, Barclays, the Post Office and British Transport Police.

Award-winning work relies on clients who push us to be bolder, braver and more ingenious; who care about measurement and expect continuous improvement.

When I first took on the role of AB’s managing director, a colleague said to me: “We get the clients we deserve”. That set me thinking. How do we ensure AB continues to attract organisations that share our values and approach? How do we continue to attract clients who will challenge us to excel? Now, four years into the role, the answer is obvious.  Getting on with the job is all that’s needed. Consistently producing great work is contagious. It spreads belief, passion and enthusiasm. It creates a magnet for talent. Great people want to work with you and for you.

These latest awards are a sign we remain on track. Since the Swinging 60s, AB has continued to partner with clients who, despite the complexity, scale and velocity of change within their organisations, continue to set the bar high for themselves and us. Long may that continue.