AB Thinks  →  25th February 2019

Five things to know about the state of our sector

AB Thinks

Jenni Field, president-elect of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and co-founder of the IC Crowd, recently sat down with AB’s managing director Katie Macaulay to discuss the Gatehouse State of the Sector Report 2019.

You can listen to their conversation in episode three of the Internal Comms Podcast.

Together they discuss the findings of the report and the Edelman Trust Barometer – released a few weeks previously – which found people put more trust in ‘my employer’ than NGOs, business, or the media.

Here’s what we learnt:

#1 Having a seat in the boardroom is key
Being the trusted advisor is an important role for IC professionals to play. Make sure there’s someone at the top table.

#2 Face-to-face communication is still top dog
The amount of change in organisations would suggest there is a need for more face-to-face communication – it’s the best way to engage with people. The body language, your tone of voice – you lose all of that communication with email and newsletters alone.

#3 Uncertainty is causing headaches for long-term planners  
Taking time to plan is important. But the business strategy has to be in place first. This could be tricky at the moment, said Jenni: “I wonder how much is fluctuating due to the political and economic climate.”

#4 Measurement!
The IC industry (still) needs to address measurement. It’s talked about in a very broad way but it needs to find a focus. Look at what’s appropriate to you, and what your function is there to do.

#5 Don’t hold back on quality 
“Be the best you can be,” said Jenni. “If you are going to do a magazine, make it amazing and get experts in to help. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘I don’t know how to do this’. There’s tonnes of people out there who can help you.”

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