AB Thinks  →  12th June 2017

From Cascade to Conversation

I believe we have only scratched the surface of what organisations can achieve when their people communicate effectively. My presentation at this year’s World Conference explored a new, emerging style of employee communication – more collaborative, conversation and value-adding.

As corporate communicators we have lost sole control of the message – if we ever really had it. People everywhere have found their voice. We no longer passively receive messages: We share and shape them with our audiences. Broadcasting to employees is coming dangerously archaic.

In an era when deference is in decline and trust in short supply, conversation has the power to restore much needed faith and confidence in our leaders. However, the best conversationalists are the best listeners. Listening is perhaps one of the most underrated skills in business today. Quite simply, those that listen harder learn more. It’s time to break out of our carefully curated information silos and listen to the rich, varied – and even opposing voices – around us.

During my presentation today I explored what this shift from cascade to conversation means for the employee communications profession – for the content we write, channels we build, measurement we undertake and the skills we need as leaders and practitioners.

You can download the full transcript here.