AB Thinks  →  21st December 2018

Held to account

AB Thinks

As we head into 2019, global marketing consultants Edelman Digital has made its annual predictions about the future of digital in business, with a focus on leadership.

Titled ‘Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability’ it offers an in-depth look at what we should be focusing on in the next 12 months and how that impacts business and society, with increased accountability a major theme.

The report reveals the vast majority of top-rated CEOs on employee review site Glassdoor are active on social media. And in an era of declining trust in government, CEOs should use their positions of power and influence to lead change rather than wait for elected officials to impose it. Indeed, Edelman’s research suggests 56 per cent of us have no respect for CEOs who remain silent on important issues.

As well as the evolving expectations for top execs, the report also explores a host of trends, from how Generation Z will impact organisations, to driving value with authentic influencers.

Download it here.