AB Thinks  →  9th July 2019

It’s all about content, right?

AB Thinks

Twenty odd years ago, Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘content is king’. Since then it’s become a bit of a cliché. But it still rings true, right?

When Gates wrote his essay in 1996, with the internet in its infancy, he had the foresight to realise what is on a platform is more important than the platform itself. But what even he could not have imagined, was how the volume of content created would explode.

And while that volume rises exponentially, the fight for engagement intensifies. Essentially, people are overloaded with information – raising the question: have reached ‘peak content’?

To cut through the noise in internal communications, your content has to have real purpose. It needs to articulate your business strategy in a way that resonates with your audiences.

But there is a dichotomy.

At AB, we’ve carried out a lot of research on behalf of our clients into the preferences of their audiences.

What this has reinforced is that people at the coalface most value communication and information that makes their jobs easier.

They think, feel and act local.

They want answers to the operational pain points that often define the employee experience. They want emotion, to be moved by relatable heroes they can learn from and be inspired by.

Without addressing these, the notions of shared mission and vision will always be difficult to sell.

But vision and mission are where the leaders of our organisation are at.

So, when it comes to content, we have a big job on our hands balancing the preferences of our two key stakeholder groups.

How can we do this?

Our Content with Purpose workshop aims to answer this question.  It will also bring to life the power of emotive storytelling in a corporate world and show you how best to repurpose your content.

The next workshop takes place in October. We’ve restricted numbers to keep the session intimate and interactive, so please grab your place today.

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