AB Thinks  →  4th November 2016

Marathons and sprints

Ben Hall

When we first launched Run a Post Office, the commercial property website for the Post Office, we had clear and tangible goals.

The old methods of advertising were inconsistent, visually unappealing and unreliable. It’s now been a year-and-a-half since we launched the website, which allows a user to search for opportunities to run a Post Office branch and register their interest. So, have we achieved what we set out to do?

It’s interesting to see how our markers for success have changed since then.

In the project’s infancy we were looking for big impact with sweeping changes and widespread input from across the business, but now our job is to fly under the radar.

As the established flagship website for its purpose, Run a Post Office needs to be reliable, simple and the benchmark for the business.

Major updates to the advertising process and administration of data that we carried out in the summer have ensured it ticks those boxes.

Maintaining business as usual for the end users was critically important when we were completing this new phase of work. Any front end improvements were subtle tweaks that improved the existing experience, rather than muddying the waters of a fit-for-purpose process by introducing rafts of changes.

Now the dust has settled on the second phase of work, it’s all about business as usual.

And while the sprint to launch a new website might seem to be where the glory lies, running a website is about much more than that. Run a Post Office is a living, breathing tool that’s accessible and updated all day, every day.

The race to launch it has been run and won, but its journey will never really end.