AB Thinks  →  28th June 2018

Mustering the courage to contribute

After nearly 30 years of working in and writing about internal communications, I’ve finally been persuaded to ‘go public’ with my own website, unoriginally entitled www.katiemacaulay.co.uk.

I’ve been inexplicably reticent about the idea. I built the site months ago but have not been able to muster the courage to publicise it. So much of the work we do as internal communicators is on behalf of others. We are the ones standing silently at the back of crowded conference halls watching audiences react to speeches we have written but are not presenting.

We tell stories – we don’t star in them.

Even as managing director of AB, I am part of a collective. And as an agency we celebrate collaboration. Our values booklet states: “We check our egos at the door… no matter how many star performers were involved, we know success is always a combined effort.”

So a dedicated website that bears my name and collates my ‘musings’ on our profession feels counter-cultural and more than a little exposing.

Yet, we live in our world of connection. And internal communicators are an especially generous, supportive community who love to share. I see now, that by launching a website, I am merely playing my part – making a contribution to a wonderful profession that has given me endless enjoyment and exhilaration.

I humbly invite you to visit, subscribe and share.