AB Thinks  →  22nd November 2016

The right content – part 1

How can you create really sticky content that energises your internal audience and your business? In the first of two blogs, we share three of the principles that really engage those you’re trying to reach.

Principle #1: Make it a community, not just an audience

An audience is largely passive; a community active.

A community has a sense of togetherness. It has a common identity and set of values. It shares information and opinion.

Members of a community are not observers, but participants in a common cause. They talk to each other as friends and equals.

That’s why we suggest content is written in a fresh, distinctive and clear tone of voice. Bring the personalities behind the stories to life. Often, the most viewed internal content is often blogs written by – and videos featuring – employees. People and organisations are perceived to be smarter when they communicate simply. Plus, no one has time for the longer read unless it is highly relevant.

Therefore, sincerity, simplicity and speed will be our watchwords.

‘The Week in One’ for Post Office is the kind of quick, digestible and involving content that becomes the focal point of a lively community: https://vimeo.com/121992398.

Principle #2: Make it about performance

While there’s no doubting the universal appeal of fun digital content, hilarious cat videos won’t drive your business forward.

We believe it is possible to create content that unashamedly boosts sales and customer service, while also being engaging. So, we mustn’t rewrite press releases. Our content needs to be honest, credible and genuinely newsworthy.

An editorial calendar that directly supports your business and product priorities is vital. We’ll take the view it’s never too early to inform and educate colleagues about Christmas, for example. Share good ideas across your entire community, no matter where they came from. In-depth profile pieces of those on the frontline will promote the right thinking and behaviours.

Principle #3: Make it social

Today, it seems everything is social. The term ‘social media’ is applied to tweets, viral marketing campaigns and software packages.

Here at AB, we believe social media means digital tools that allow people to create, share and exchange information, ideas and images in virtual communities. Many of our clients are taking the first step by piloting social software such as Yammer, Chatter or Jive. We foresee more using Twitter and Facebook internally too.

What does this mean for content? Let’s start with functionality. As a minimum, colleagues need the ability to share, like or rate content. They need the ability to sign up or subscribe to what interests them. Content needs to be searchable and accessible on any device, anywhere. Today, AB is building responsive web apps that push content to any smartphone, PC or laptop connected to the web.

But ‘social’ is not just about IT functionality. It’s about tone, authenticity and being ‘in the moment’.

Look out for our next three principles in our next blog.