AB Thinks  →  22nd November 2017

Whatever the platform – content is king

AB Thinks

Earlier this week, we attended the Simply Communicate Smile London conference – the place for anyone working in the digital space within internal communication. It was a packed day, full of interviews and discussions around internal communications and how everyone is striving to create the ideal solution to online workspaces for their organisations.

As one of the first internal communication agencies, AB’s foundations are firmly rooted in creating compelling content. We work with our clients’ employees to tell stories from the heart of the workforce. So it was interesting to see that, in the world of digital communications, the focus for many of us is firmly on the platform.

Over the years many platforms have entered the market. With Facebook Workplace celebrating one year it has been astounding to see the rate of success this is having in organisations of all sizes. Astounding but not surprising, especially if we take into account our own experience of conversations with clients, keen to know more about how this could help them solve some of their internal communication challenges.

But for AB, it’s not just about the platform. There will always be new platforms entering the space and it is also likely that some organisation have already invested heavily in tools to help them collaborate and communicate.

Success inside an organisation comes from the content delivered. It comes from discussions at the early stages, focusing on how to solve the challenges businesses are having. It comes from understanding people, culture, and behaviour – what these are for each business and what they could be.

As we talk to more and more clients about how to create integrated channel strategies that include digital at their heart, these conversations always start with people. They start with communicators focused on making the strategy meaningful and sparking conversation between teams that drives engagement, action and discussion. We hope to see this at the top of the agenda for everyone working with digital platforms.