download Communications Leaders Survey 2022/23

What’s keeping communications leaders up at night? And what do they see as the big opportunities? We surveyed them to find out.

download Acid Test

Download your free guide to Acid Test. It explains more about this unique knowledge audit and includes case studies and client testimonials.

download When two worlds collide

Are we exploiting the benefits of the closer union of internal and external communications? We surveyed the IC community to find out.

download Good thinking Guide No. 1

Make a positive impact from day one in your new job in internal communications. Need some ideas? Our booklet has 22 of them.

download Good thinking Guide No. 2

Does measurement really matter? At AB, we’re big supporters of making measurement count in internal communications.

download Here, There and Everywhere: Mobile Working

How can we make physical distance unimportant when it comes to engaging a workforce?

download From Cascade To Conversation

Read chapter 6 of Katie Macaulay’s book, all about unlocking the collective wisdom of your workforce.

download How to write a communications strategy

The best strategies provide a clear roadmap outlining key actions and priorities to achieve the desired goals. Our advice: keep it short, share it widely and bring it to life.

download Appetite

Thinking of creating a workplace app for your organisation? Our research analyses people’s attitude to mobile applications, what they want and the potential pitfalls.

download How to deliver right first time

Communicating a big idea in a memorable way starts with the all-important creative brief. Use it to manage expectations, milestones and timescales.

download How to align colleagues

In our experience, an actionable and measurable internal communications strategy is the key to aligning the goals of colleagues with your company’s vision.

download A questionable exercise

Whatever size organisation you work for it’s likely that you’ll have an employee engagement survey. But is there a better alternative? We interviewed HR professionals to find out…