Where news enters the workplace: should your CEO speak up?

Living through “unprecedented times” has become constant. Having made it through the Covid-19 pandemic upheaval, we now face global...
18th August 2022

It’s time to prioritise inclusive language

Language is one of our most powerful tools. It can unite, inspire and even divide us. The way we...
4th April 2022

Mission Possible

In Episode 55 of The Internal Comms Podcast, host Katie Macaulay is joined by the Executive Vice President and...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
8th December 2021

Making sustainable business ‘business-as-usual’

As world leaders debated climate change solutions during COP26, held last week in Glasgow, we’ve been thinking about how...
8th November 2021

The book I wish I’d read 30 years ago

What book should all communication professionals read? It’s one of the final questions I ask every guest on The...
15th July 2021

At the heart of the crisis

The NHS has always been a cherished institution throughout the UK. But never before has its expertise been tested...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
24th December 2020

Top tips to persuade from Chris Voss, former hostage negotiator

Most of us will never have to stare down the barrel of a gun at the negotiation table or...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
4th November 2020

Keeping comms on track in a crisis

These are testing times for all in internal communications. But it has also given many teams a chance to...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
16th October 2020

Workplace wellbeing: why it’s never been more important to listen

As many businesses embark on a phased return to the office, now is the time for organisations to pay...
16th September 2020

Navigating a perfect storm

While all businesses have been affected by the pandemic to some degree, the impact was felt early in the...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
20th July 2020