‘Be in and visible,
not invisible’
in internal comms

Russell Grossman, director of communications at the Office of Rail and Road, and head of profession for IC across...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
5th February 2019

Listen up

The humble podcast has never been more popular. The latest research suggests 23 per cent of us have listened...
28th September 2018

Infographics for effective storytelling

Infographics are an increasingly popular way of storytelling and as designer Jess Foley and editor Katie Smith discovered, the...
19th March 2018

When two worlds collide

These are fascinating times for communicators and publishers. Not only are the boundaries between internal and external communications rapidly...
6th March 2018

Whatever the platform – content is king

AB digital director Mario Theodorou attends the Smile Conference for digital communicators and is reminded that the essence of...
22nd November 2017

Award-winning picture of the London Underground

The image of the thermic welding team for Transport for London (TfL) by AB, recently won an IOIC Awards...
23rd August 2017

In defence of the difference between internal and external

The line between internal and external communication is blurring. But, says Katie Macaulay, both disciplines are not the same....
8th August 2017

Social responsibility in visual communication

Designer Fatma Al Mansoury explores how images in advertising – or lack of them – can reinforce stereotypes.
7th August 2017

Keep it simple for effective communications

Tracy Gallagher finds practising mindfulness can mean better listening skills and, in turn, better internal comms.
28th June 2017

The art of design

Simple design is often the most potent. Charley Battersby looks to the humble road sign as one of the...
Charlie Battersby
23rd June 2017

Are you talking to me?

Common language or lost in translation? Account Manager Duncan Mills discusses the linguistic nuances of global communications.
25th May 2017

The power of podcasts

Amy Hegarty
2nd November 2016

Top 5 tips for video journalism

Liam Garrahan
20th September 2016