Do Your Homework – Rachel Miller on How to Thrive in IC

In Episode 6 of Season 3, IC veteran Rachel Miller sits down with Katie for a second fascinating conversation,...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
9th April 2020

Good Vibes – Marc Barone on Authentic Leadership

In Season 3 Episode 4 of The Internal Comms Podcast, Katie spoke with Marc Barone, chief executive for continental...
6th April 2020

The Lasting Legacy of Covid-19 on Internal Comms

It is rather premature to pontificate on the lasting legacy of this planetary crisis. Will we embrace normality, when...
31st March 2020

Learn to Brag – Priya Bates on Inner Strength

The latest episode of The Internal Comms Podcast has an international flavour, as we hear from one of our profession’s...
12th March 2020

Our survey says – insights from the State of the Sector 2020

In Season Three, Episode Two of The Internal Comms Podcast, Katie Macaulay was joined by two new directors at...
27th February 2020

Joining the dots – State of the Sector

Katie Macaulay breaks down the stats from the State of the Sector report into a simple graphic to illustrate...
27th February 2020

‘Give a sh*t’ – six tips from the cheerleader for internal comms, Chuck Gose

Duran Duran, Comms and Cocktails and a few IC home truths – the character that is Chuck Gose comes...
25th February 2020

Eight ways to tackle Edelman’s trust issues

How might the findings of this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer inform your communication strategy? Katie Macaulay shares her analysis.
31st January 2020

Insider tips for producing podcasts

As we gear up for season three of The Internal Comms Podcast, Katie Macaulay offers some insider tips on how...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
20th January 2020

That’s a great question, Jeff

Jeff Bezos has written an open letter to Amazon shareholders every year for two decades. His 1998 letter reveals...
15th January 2020

Top trends for 2019

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AB Thinks
31st January 2019

Held to account

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st December 2018

We Won!

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AB Thinks
2nd October 2018