The Internal Comms Podcast (un)wrapped

This December Spotify dropped its annual ‘Wrapped’ campaign, which captures every user’s listening trends from the past 12 months...
14th December 2021

The IC audio revolution (that’s been around for a while)

“Top-down, formal, banal — corporate comms remains mired in a 1950s way of speaking,“ writes Danny Skipton, Managing Editor...
30th June 2021

Turn down the noise to turn up the volume

Remember those pre-Covid days of being crammed into a small room with far too many people, loud music thumping...
9th June 2021

Engaging hearts and minds: tips from business storyteller Gabrielle Dolan

Katie Macaulay’s guest on episode 42 of The Internal Comms Podcast was business storytelling specialist Gabrielle Dolan, who conducted an...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
23rd February 2021

Driving change

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do – here writer Oliver Frankham explains how he covered a...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
1st September 2020

The Internal Comms Podcast – Step-By-Step

As Season 3 of The Internal Comms Podcast draws to a close, AB’s podcast team pulls back the curtain...
AB Thinks
17th August 2020

Being brave

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my star sign. Whether or not you’re a ‘believer’, characteristics supposedly dictated...
12th August 2020

Leading from the front

What frontline comms could look like in a post-Covid world  As news of Covid-19 hit, supermarkets saw their shelves...
Bea Buckley
13th July 2020

Continuing to make history in a crisis

With a readership of more than 130,000, Royal Mail’s internal newspaper, Courier, has had a crucial role to play...

Test our creative minds

We believe creativity has a vital role to play in internal communications, especially now. COVID-19 is a unique challenge...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
29th April 2020

Outside in

Ben Hall
23rd May 2017

Release your inner blogger

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
5th April 2017

Winning infographics

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
28th March 2017

Double act

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
8th November 2016

The power of podcasts

Amy Hegarty
2nd November 2016

Top 5 tips for video journalism

Liam Garrahan
20th September 2016

To pay or not to pay?

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
20th March 2016