The book I wish I’d read 30 years ago

What book should all communication professionals read? It’s one of the final questions I ask every guest on The...
15th July 2021

Tips and trends from Kate Jones’ dissection of State of the Sector

Katie Macaulay’s guest for episode 43 of The Internal Comms Podcast was 25-year IC veteran Kate Jones. As Head...
12th March 2021

In a world of mistrust, employer media is most believed

Internal communicators, it’s time to shine. In a world where so many news sources are disbelieved, ‘employer media’ has...
15th January 2021

At the heart of the crisis

The NHS has always been a cherished institution throughout the UK. But never before has its expertise been tested...
24th December 2020

Cross cultural comms

The Internal Comms Podcast is now in its fourth season – and to kick it off Katie sat down...
24th September 2020

The Internal Comms Podcast – Step-By-Step

As Season 3 of The Internal Comms Podcast draws to a close, AB’s podcast team pulls back the curtain...
AB Thinks
17th August 2020


“Procrastination is the thief of time” (Edward Young, poet, 1742) Also, did you know that electronic music sampling pioneers...
Adam Driver
4th August 2020

Navigating a perfect storm

While all businesses have been affected by the pandemic to some degree, the impact was felt early in the...
20th July 2020

Insights from seven decades of IC innovation

Katie Macaulay’s guest for the final episode of Season 3 of The IC Podcast is a true legend of...
15th July 2020

Have we pressed fast-forward on employee communication?

Danish physicist Niels Bohr is quoted as saying: “It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” While I...
3rd July 2020

Wine, cheese and wisdom

Last week, we welcomed some of the UK’s top IC professionals to our first virtual wine and cheese evening....
21st May 2020

Top trends for 2019

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
31st January 2019

Held to account

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st December 2018

Stay relevant in 2019

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st December 2018