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Are we exploiting the benefits of the closer union of internal and external communications? We surveyed the IC community to find out.

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Make a positive impact from day one in your new job in internal communications. Need some ideas? Our booklet has 22 of them.

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Does measurement really matter? At AB, we’re big supporters of making measurement count in internal communications.

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How can we make physical distance unimportant when it comes to engaging a workforce?

When storytelling goes wrong

Have you ever told a story that didn’t quite hit the mark? Lost your train of thought halfway through,...
7th February 2020

The other side of the lens

I’ve been a reporter for more than a decade and have stood and watched dozens of photographers at work....
6th February 2020

From the stalls to the stage

Right, I’m going home now. You stay and talk to them.’ This was it. My housemate had abandoned me...
6th February 2020

Eight ways to tackle Edelman’s trust issues

How might the findings of this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer inform your communication strategy? Katie Macaulay shares her analysis.
31st January 2020

Insider tips for producing podcasts

As we gear up for season three of The Internal Comms Podcast, Katie Macaulay offers some insider tips on how...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
20th January 2020

That’s a great question, Jeff

Jeff Bezos has written an open letter to Amazon shareholders every year for two decades. His 1998 letter reveals...
15th January 2020

It’s what employees think and feel that counts in IC

During 2019, I spoke to hundreds of people involved in internal communication. I attended at least a dozen conferences,...
14th January 2020

Activating workforce voices – five tips from Keith Lewis

Katie’s guest for Episode 8 of the second season of The IC Podcast is Keith Lewis, UK social media...
7th January 2020

Brain training – five tips on neuroscience and IC from Hilary Scarlett

Katie’s guest for Episode 7 of The IC Podcast is neuroscientist Hilary Scarlett, who offers a fascinating insight into...
12th December 2019

Changing the terms of IC – top tips from comms expert Mike Klein

With his bold views on what internal communications can achieve, IC consultant and public speaker Mike Klein is an...
29th November 2019

Class acts

More than 55 years ago AB was set up as the first UK internal comms agency. Along the way...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
1st October 2019

‘Change Maker’ lessons

Winning the accolade of ‘Change Maker’ at this year’s Institute of Internal Communication Awards of Excellence prompted Katie Macaulay...
30th September 2019

IC health check – four tips from Dr Kevin Ruck

This week saw the return of The Internal Comms Podcast for its second season. In the first episode, our...
18th September 2019

Cheese, wine and putting the corporate world to rights

We hosted our first IC Cheese and Wine evening recently. It was a chance for senior IC professionals to...
16th September 2019

Launching The Internal Comms Podcast

Season two of The Internal Comms Podcast kicked off this month with the ‘IC Doctor’ himself, Kevin Ruck. The...
6th September 2019

How to create scroll-stopping video

Designer Jess Foley and editor Jennifer Hardwick put together their top tips for making an engaging social video. On...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
20th August 2019

Content doesn’t need to be tricky

My first gig in internal communications (IC) was a real eye-opener. As a journalism graduate, I was surprised by...
15th August 2019

Want to create better content?

How do you cut through the noise and make your content compelling? It’s not all about platforms or video,...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
13th August 2019

Taking IC to The Next Level

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
13th November 2018

Designs on life

AB Thinks
2nd November 2018

Design with vision

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
6th September 2018

Exchange proves its worth

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
23rd August 2018

On track for Hitachi

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st August 2018

Facing the future

Kirstie Pickering
6th February 2017

A new perspective

Nicholas Dawson
31st January 2017

Talking the talk

Ben Hall
26th January 2017

Building bridges

Gemma Wilson
19th January 2017

New year, new me

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
23rd December 2016

Bermondsey Treat

Nicholas Dawson
24th September 2016

Top 5 tips for video journalism

Liam Garrahan
20th September 2016

Lefties of the world unite

Anthony Naughton
15th September 2016