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What’s keeping communications leaders up at night? And what do they see as the big opportunities? We surveyed them to find out.

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Download your free guide to Acid Test. It explains more about this unique knowledge audit and includes case studies and client testimonials.

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Are we exploiting the benefits of the closer union of internal and external communications? We surveyed the IC community to find out.

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Make a positive impact from day one in your new job in internal communications. Need some ideas? Our booklet has 22 of them.

4 ways to modernise your all-company meetings

In this new world of work, traditional internal communications tools don’t provide the answer you’re looking for. Reaching an...
2nd November 2023

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything

Dwight Eisenhower’s famous quote about the importance of planning reminds us the process of creating a plan is often...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
1st November 2023

How to fix any workplace problem

We encounter many problems in our working lives. Sometimes they can feel insurmountable, near impossible to fix. But according...
18th October 2023

A storied history of internal comms

You must know the past to understand the present. And so, to drive internal communications forward, shouldn’t we know...
9th October 2023

24 ways to boost creativity in internal comms

Want to enhance your creativity and improve employee engagement? Try these top tips from our recent creativity in internal...
29th September 2023

What’s killing your creativity? Survey results

A recent survey from AB sought to uncover the barriers internal communications practitioners are facing as they look to...
27th September 2023

Is it time to move away from storytelling?

Storytelling is as old as humankind. And in the 21st century, it’s become a comms buzzword. Webinars, TED Talks,...
20th September 2023

Embrace mistakes (and then learn to avoid them)

When Sally Susman first left college she went to work in the post room for a United States senator....
2nd August 2023

The importance of a strong ethical culture

Ethics can be a tricky topic to communicate. But with companies needing to meet ever more regulatory and legal...
19th July 2023

In conversation with a global compliance leader

  Organisations are under ever-increasing scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, customers and their employees. The most successful will be those...
AB Thinks
AB Thinks
14th July 2023

How to be courageous with your internal comms

It takes courage to speak the truth. We’ve all heard it in some form: bravery is a core attribute...
12th April 2023

Chasing culture: How comms professionals can begin to address the culture challenge

“Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.” That’s the quote we kicked off Season 9, Episode 4 of The...
30th March 2023

It’s time to invest in employee experience

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. They are also one of the only assets that appreciate over time...
15th March 2023

What’s the untold story of your organisation?

Stories unite us. They weave the rich tapestry of the world around us and, at work, they can empower...
1st March 2023

Building better businesses starts from the inside

As communicators, everything we do can be traced back to one thing: the desire to make human connection. At-work...
16th February 2023

Five ways to shake up internal comms in 2023

Every profession needs standards and commonly accepted ways of doing things. But we also know history’s greatest thinkers, innovators...
8th February 2023

How can bravery help internal comms professionals keep their edge?

Sometimes it’s easy to just say “yes” and nod along, taking the path of least resistance. But we’re in...
30th January 2023

Inviting the challenge

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
29th January 2019

Content, coffee and office dogs

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st December 2018

Taking IC to The Next Level

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
13th November 2018

Designs on life

AB Thinks
2nd November 2018

We Won!

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
2nd October 2018

Listen up

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
28th September 2018

Design with vision

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
6th September 2018

Exchange proves its worth

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
23rd August 2018

On track for Hitachi

AB Thinks
AB Thinks
21st August 2018